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      November, 29 2020 - Bonnie
Certified Review
I am always so happy with the service and long standing relationship I have with my hair dresser, Amanda Thibault; it is the reason I have been a client for so many years.
Regulating the water temperature at the sinks have always been an issue; it was particularly bad this time. It was difficult to keep the temp comfortable; either too cold or suddenly near scalding. Can’t something be done about fixing this?
Services received :
  • FHF (Full Head Foil) 31+ foils with Amanda^
  • Associate Applied Glaze with Amanda^
  • WHC (Womens Haircut w/Blow Dry) with Amanda^
  • Product Charge with House
      August, 23 2019 - Molly
Certified Review
My stylist is terrific.
People come to the salon to relax, I get it. But I couldn’t find a sitter today and had to bring my kids with me to get my hair done. Not one, but Two women (managers?) said something snarky to me. It’s not like I wanted my kids with me...I come every 3 weeks and Always hire a babysitter. And let me tell you—that ain’t cheap! Should I have cancelled my appointment? Have some sympathy for a mom who just trying to do her best and survive summer with her kids I mean, seriously. I paid for a haircut and was ushered out with wet hair, no blow dry, because my family was unwelcome.
Services received :
  • 1 Step (RETOUCH) with Kaitlyn
  • Wash And Style with Kaitlyn
  • Stylist Applied Glaze with Kaitlyn
  • Product Charge with House
Reply from Charles David in Hanover August, 27 2019 - David
Molly we care very much about children and that's why we cannot allow them to be on our platform or unattended in our lobby. Should a child get hurt.....we would be to blame and could lose our salon over it. I am glad you acknowledge that children can disrupt the Guest experience of others. We just want to do the right thing by all concerned. It is hard to say anything about someone's children no matter how diplomatically you say it. Barbie even offered to watch your children in the lobby as to not upset you. Needless to say that didn't work. We appreciate your being a CD Guest more than you know and never want to upset you or any of our Guests.....but sometimes its almost impossible. We would like to offer you a complimentary haircut with Kaitlyn just to show that we are not "all about the money"....far from it....we care more about our Guest than you will ever know and appreciate you so much.
      August, 30 2018 - Lori
Certified Review
The older woman at the front desk who greets guests is simply fabulous. The best welcome I’ve ever received to a salon. Set the tone for what I hoped was going to be a great experience.
Very disappointed in the results of my highlights and the entire experience. My stylist was never informed that I checked in so although I arrived 15 minutes early, I sat waiting until we’ll after my appt time to be seen. I booked an appt for a full head of blond highlights and ended up with less that a partial amount of very brassy orange minimal highlights. My appt took well over three hours and I left the salon looking almost the same as when I walked in. My stylist was very sweet and I could tell she felt bad but there was pretty much nothing she could do to fix it short of me staying a few more hours which I wasn’t able to do. For someone who doesn’t get to the salon often and this is a more indulgent moment for me as a mom to three small kids I was so so disappointed.
Services received :
  • Product Charge with House
  • 1 Step (RETOUCH) with Patricia ^
  • Glaze w/ Foils with Patricia ^
  • Glaze w/ Foils with Patricia ^
      December, 05 2017 - Amy
Certified Review
I saw a stylist at the Hanover location for the second time. We agreed that she should do the same thing she did on my first visit regarding color and cut. When I checked out, the bill was significantly more than it was the first time. With no changes in service I was confused why there was such a difference in price. I paid the full amount but the receptionist checking me out assured me that she would talk to the stylist and get back to me one way or the other to explain. My home # is in the system and I left my cell phone with her as well. That was the day before Thanksgiving and I have yet to receive a phone call from anyone. Needless to say, I am very disappointed.
Services received :
  • 1 Step (RETOUCH) with Brianne
  • WHC (Womens Haircut w/Blow Dry) with Brianne
  • Glaze w/ Foils with Brianne
  • Partial (Tqf 3 Quarter Foil) 11-30 foils with Brianne
  • Product Charge with House
      March, 25 2017 - Clarice
Certified Review
stylist was nice, hair cut fine
hate color of highlight, very different than last formula, not sure why use a different one.
Services received :
  • Consultation with Giovanna
  • Partial (Tqf 3 Quarter Foil) 11-30 foils with Giovanna
  • WHC (Womens Haircut w/Blow Dry) with Giovanna
  • Glaze w/ Foils with Giovanna
  • Product Charge with House
      November, 03 2016 - Danielle
Certified Review
Friendly staff, comfortable and tidy atmosphere
I paid to walk out with my hair looking exactly the same as when I walked in. Stylist did not deliver what I asked for at all.. I was very specific and even provided a visual. First time coming here and I'm extremely disappointed.
Services received :
  • FHF (Full Head Foil) 31+ foils with Kate
  • Glaze w/ Foils with Kate
  • Product Charge with House
Reply from Charles David in Hanover November, 04 2016 - David
Good morning Danielle, So sorry to learn that you are unhappy with your foils that Kate did for you....especially when you stressed the look you wanted to achieve. WE WANT TO FIX THIS for you. If you can call my cell at 774-454-2397 we would like to discuss how and when we can correct this and give you the look you want and deserve. Look forward to hearing from you.... David Honeycutt Owner/General Manager
      June, 06 2016 - Laurie
Certified Review
As usual Trina is always awesome and does a fantastic job.
The tech that applied my glaze accidentally slammed the tip of the applicator bottle right into the top of my head. I don't think she realized how hard she did it but I was pretty upset about it and it hurt like hell and I instantly got a headache but not much I can do about it now. I mentioned it to Trina who apologized profusely but the girl was pretty matter-of-fact about it with a simple " oh sorry". Not really what I expected when I came in that day as I always look forward to my appointments because they are so relaxing. Kind of really ruined it for me hence the number of stars given which is absolutely no reflection on Trina who should get 10 stars.
Services received :
  • Associates Foil Processing with Francesca (Larkin)
  • WHC (Womens Haircut w/Blow Dry) with Trina
  • HHF (Half Head Foil) with Trina
  • Glaze w/ Foils with Trina
  • Extra Product Charge 1oz with Trina
  • Extra Product Charge 1oz with Trina
  • Product Charge with House
      May, 25 2016 - Bianca
Certified Review
The color came out great.
When I called to make the appointment I was told that the color would be $75. When I went to pay it was $80. They said there's a $5 charge for product. I'm not sure what they were talking about as I didn't get any product, unless they mean the dye. Also, I was forced to leave the salon with wet hair on a cold rainy day because apparently you have to ask in advance to have your hair dried when you get it colored. AND it's an extra $25. That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. I will not be back.
Services received :
  • 1 Step (RETOUCH) with Jenna
  • Stylist Applied Glaze with Jenna
  • Product Charge with House
      September, 17 2015 - Laurice
Certified Review
Nice stylist
Took 3 hours for color and foul- left with no haircut and a wet head and still took 3 hours!!!! Not sure why it took soooooo long but I doubt I'll be back
Services received :
  • Consultation with Vita
  • 1 Step (RETOUCH) with Vita
  • Partial (Tqf 3 Quarter Foil) 11-30 foils with Vita
  • Glaze w/ Foils with Vita
  • Product Charge with House
      June, 27 2015 - Clarice
Certified Review
Michele is wonderful, does a great job with my hair-cut feels good.
I am extremely disappointed with highlight. No one can tell I've had anything done. Although I wanted natural look, those that know me well should have been able to see a difference. My husband can't nor anyone I work with daily. I don't think it was a light enough color. Since I only spend this type of money once yearly, you can imagine my disappointment!
Services received :
  • Partial (Tqf 3 Quarter Foil) 11-30 foils with Michelle ^
  • WHC (Womens Haircut w/Blow Dry) with Michelle ^
  • Glaze w/ Foils with Michelle ^
  • Product Charge with House
Reply from Charles David in Hanover July, 01 2015 - Wanda
Hi Clarice, We are so happy that you had a good cut while you were here. Sorry to hear about your color. We would like to make this right. We do recolor within a two week period of your appointment. Please call the salon and we will get you in so you will be happy with your color.

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