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      November, 12 2020 - Valerie
Certified Review
Kristen Barry is an excellent stylist and the spa is great - except for Covid issues
During my visit, I observed two clients whose masks fell well beneath their noses and one stylist whose mask fell each time she talked to her client.
Services received :
  • Partial (Tqf 3 Quarter Foil) 11-30 foils with Kristen ^
  • Associate Applied Glaze with Kristen ^
  • WHC (Womens Haircut w/Blow Dry) with Kristen ^
  • Product Charge with House
      July, 14 2019 - Kerri
Certified Review
Took me on time
Didn’t seem as thorough as others I’ve seen there . Not sure I would rebook with her . She seemed sweet but just inexperienced in my opinion! I’ll be back for sure but will see the others i have seen in the past .
Services received :
  • Brow & Lip Wax Combo with Abby (skin/body)
      June, 30 2019 - Karen
Certified Review
Wasn’t as happy this visit. Service was great but haircut was too blunt at the ends instead of being tapered into a bob like I usually get. Paid much more for it too.
Services received :
  • WHC (Womens Haircut w/Blow Dry) with Lynne
      March, 17 2019 - Bonnie
Certified Review
My hairdresser Amanda is just great; I’ve enjoyed being her client for a long time, great service every time!
There is a real problem with temperature control for water on the 2nd Floor sinks, making it very difficult for anyone to achieve a consistently comfortable temperature; I hope it will be addressed.
Services received :
  • WHC (Womens Haircut w/Blow Dry) with Amanda^
      November, 25 2018 - Sarah
Certified Review
Mollie and Rachel were very “nice”. They were efficient and polite. The service anticipated did not turn out as hoped, I was not charged and that was greatly appreciated. The salon was clean, beautifully decorated and had a great overall feel.
As much as the women who helped me were “nice” I felt that as professionals they had a “that’s the way the cookie crumbles” attitude about the outcome of my service. When I choose a professional to go to about pretty much anything, there is an anticipation that they will really own their craft. Charles David has a great reputation around town for their salon so I was going on that when I chose them to work on my naturally grey hair. Not only was the service not at all what was hoped for, neither one of these professionals seemed enthusiastic to fix it or try something else. I was told, color is tough... no suggestions, no creativity. I was quickly asked “can you live with it for The Weekend and call back on Monday?” As a small business owner myself that understands customer relations in a service based profession, I was very surprised that no other options or even a direct aknoweldment of the less than outcome was really offered. I was told at the very end that I was “all set” for today - meaning there was no charge, however appreciated, that’s not why I came in. If I knew exactly what I wanted and how to achieve it I would not need to consult with a professional, I would have done it myself. I do understand that other appointments are on the schedule, however the deep lack of ownership about their work will absolutely point me to choosing another salon for my services. Total bummer.
Services received :
  • Consultation with Molli
      February, 04 2018 - Lisa
Certified Review
All over the place. I had my hair colored on the 2nd floor then sent down to wait in a crowded and cold reception area wet hair for 20min to have it styled. The girl who styled my hair told me she had to send a young girl home with wet hair who got foils for the first time because she didn’t book a blowout. There should always be someone on hand to help if someone didn’t know you have to book the blow dry. I would have given her my appt if they hadn’t left before me.
Services received :
  • 1 Step (RETOUCH) with Melissa (kayla)
  • Wash And Style with Gabby
  • Stylist Applied Glaze with Melissa (kayla)
      September, 24 2017 - Anne
Certified Review
Great haircut!
Wet cut should've been cheaper than full cut with blow dry. I was charged full price. Wrong!!
Services received :
  • Consultation with Alisha
  • WHC (Womens Haircut w/Blow Dry) with Alisha
      February, 23 2017 - Nancy
Certified Review
Always fabulous Beth ? and a great shampoo!
Services received :
  • WHC (Womens Haircut w/Blow Dry) with Beth ^
  • Shampoo with Nicole (Bud Tues)
      February, 16 2017 - Mary
Certified Review
I like Charles David and Kelly and team but I had a color last evening and left with my hair wet. When I drove home and dried my hair I noticed I had a lot of gray around my hairline still which is very disappointing . The color did not cover as it should.
Services received :
  • 1 Step (RETOUCH) with Kelly
  • Set Up For Color with Alisha (KNB)
  • Associate Applied Glaze with Alisha (KNB)
  • Product Charge with House
      January, 06 2017 - Kimberly
Certified Review
Ilene was a good masseur.
The room was so cold. The light was too bright, so when I turned over, it wasn't very relaxing. The only reason that there are 3 stars (and not less) is because of Ilene. Because of the room, I couldn't relax- what a waste of money!
Services received :
  • Aromatherapy Massage 80 Minutes with Ilene
Reply from Charles David in Hanover January, 18 2017 - David
Kimberly we were so sorry to hear your disappointment with visit with Ilene. We had an issue that day with our heating system and have since gotten it repaired. None the less we should have put a space heater at least in room to make it the ideal temperature. We have the right lighting in the room and have instructed Ilene (who is new to us) to please use it once service starts. I so apologize for this and would like to offer you a complimentary massage with Ilene to make it up to you. I can only hope you will take this offer and allow us another opportunity to show you that we do care and want to provide only the best of services. Please contact our manager, Wanda Lind, to book your massage. Again we care.....we apologize....and we hope to see you again. David

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